The element N1


Silicone forms of the face and hands, that preserved the original form in details, can be used for remote fingerprint identification and face recognition.


The element N2


Arduino - the processor is often used in robotics, like many other boards consists of silicon and lead.


The element N3


Styrene is an extremely toxic chemical substance, that is contained within a polyester resin, inhaling causes evaporation, that poisons the body 



The element N4


The ground from the the Mangystau region - the region in the south-western Kazakhstan with the highest number of Mazars (the burial places of saints). Taking place where a large number of pilgrims were paying homage to the sacred land. 


The element N5


Aluminum - the most common metal and the third most abundant chemical element in the earth’s crust (after oxygen and silicon).


The element N6


Adyraspan - grass, according to the beliefs of the Central Asian people, it cleans the space from the evil spirits. 


The element N8


Video - neurons of the human brain, the source material was taken from a web site created for data exchange between 126 laboratories, all of them are undertaking studies in the field of human and animal neural systems.


The element N9


Skin - full scan of human skin


The element N10


Prototype of the arm permanently making the swipe movement (digital consent sign).


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