video, 2018

Mold colonizes product, passing deep inside it. Only when it starts growing inside the product it can be visualized with black fungus on the surface. Mold colonies cannot attack a solid and dry product.
I absolutely detach myself from my personality, I am becoming a third person, the god and the principal. I conduct the experiment "Qurt" in the laboratory conditions. My hypothesis was to observe if colonized qurt would look like nothing happened if I simply cut the visible outer mold.


Experiment observes two studies: the historical (accession of Qazaqstan to the USSR) and practical. Both studies consist of 5 stages of total absorption. Mold didn’t affect the qurt only negatively, the noble part of it might have brought useful substances into the qurt itself in one of the stages of colonization. But still the aim of mold was to colonize most of the surface to absorb as much nutrients as possible.

At the end of the experiment all visible parts of mold were deleted. But such superficial decolonization inevitably faced fatal error, mold's toxins anchored too deeply so that we don't even see them leaving the possibility to rise again.